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T-Squat’s Kelly Sabba gets tight with Claire Coppins from tighttigers on how the label’s making fashion fiercer than ever.

The Astrid Cape in NYC

When did you start tighttigers?

The year 2010. We aren’t even one yet. If fashion had designer nappies, we’d be wearing the shit out of them. There’s a lot of mistakes being made and a tonne of rock’n'roll energy in the air. Eventually those two qualities will combine forces and result in a spectacular showdown, where all of a sudden we’re dressing Kate Moss and our nappies are a distant memory. We’re young, fun and ready to run.

What are your collections inspired by?

A fierce penchant for fun.

Who is your favourite fashion icon?

It’s a glorious mix of Kate Moss and Erin Wasson with a dash of Milla Jovovich. These girls know how to have fun whilst simultaneously working their asses off tearing up the world. Not to mention looking smokin’ hot and chillaxed whilst doing it. The lack of trying is what appeals most to me. If only everyone in the fashion game just relaxed a little more and stopped fluffing round, we’d all look like this trio.

Why did you name your label tighttigers?

I opened a fortune cookie and voila! There it was… Nahhh I kid, I kid…  It actually just comes from the saying “tight like a tiger”, meaning “that’s pretty rad”. We aren’t claiming that we invented the actual saying, as some wikipedia freak will probably hammer down our door with the history of the damn thing. We like our name as it’s a collective. It’s a team. Anyone that that has ever been involved with us is part of our TT crew for life.

What’s with all the capes?

They turn you into this crazy superhero girl. The stories we get of girls putting them on and running rampant throughout the city is just downright awesome. So we figure let’s hone in on this monster and unleash.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Splitting my time between L.A and NYC and having a fulltime Tight Tiger crew of crazy kids running alongside us. I’ll throw in a NYC fashion week stint too.

Your label is about tigers but your nick-name is Bear?

When your name is Claire, I guess it’s the only thing that rhymes. I’m going to consider myself lucky as it could of easily been “Chair”.

Radio Tights from tighttiger

Name five of your favourite things in life (like food, drinks, men, music, holidays…?

You kinda just covered everything?? But to give you specifics I’ll roll with…. Surfing. Positano, Italy. Family and Friends. Freedom (the notion, not the furniture store). And Janelle Monae.

What is your favourite drink?

I’m going to say the Pickleback…read our blog for more information on this destructive beast. http://blog.tighttigers.com/.  WARNING: IMAGES MAY OFFEND.

Cheers to that!