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Gaddafi, Hitler, Stalin, Mugabe all have palaces and mansions worthy of MTV Cribs but what happens when they get deposed and thrown out of their multi million homes? Sometimes they are sold for a price, on other occasions converted into museums, or even better – used as squats.

Mohammad Gaddafi’s residence in London is now a popular squat. I think the idea is brilliant. Before a rich bidder buys out the house, the squatters take it over and get the most out of it.

This led me to thinking, what’s the story of tyrant’s past glory? Here’s some quick updates (this is the kind of stuff you wouldn’t stumble on, tweet or update your status, so behold!)

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s current dictator is banned from owning houses in almost all western countries. So he bought an apartment in Hong Kong.

Hitler’s mansion in Braunau, Austria, was sold for over 3.3 million dollars. The Western German government in 1952 destroyed his German house , near Bavaria, Germany. The Bergof was also known as the headquarters of the dictator’s party.

Other tyrant squats of interest:

  • Benito Mussolini’s house in Italy has been turned into a Holocaust Museum.
  • Cambodia tyrant Pol Pot’s house has been converted into a tourist destination.
  • Saddam Hussein’s palace was located in Babylon. Squatters occupied it for sometime, until the American troops gave way for it’s destruction.

Words: Ruhie Kumar