| Shred Posted by Jayne Copeland

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  Located in the Teton Ranges, Wyoming.

Deep in American cowboy country lies the sleepy little town of Jackson, Wyoming. The main street plucked straight out of a  Western,  with old boys rocking ten-gallon hats and intricately embroidered fringe leather jackets hauling cows around town. At least that’s what it was twenty years ago, and the spirit is still alive today- even though there are a few more mega condos and shred- pumped tourists.

The people who live in this village also have a passion for pow, steep terrain and retro ski gear.  Over the snow-covered fields, skirted by old post and rail fences and quaint  mountain lodges is the imposing, awe-inspiring and all consuming view of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Situated right next to Yellowstone, the worlds first national park, the area is full of nature; you can shred beside a foraging fox or be spooked by a moose in the woods. Boasting America’s largest vertical drop, unbelievable terrain both in-bounds and out (especially out) and quite possible the funnest tram ride in the world. So y’all get your Hoot and Holla on and enjoy this wondrously shot clip of “a tiny day in the Jackson Hole Backcountry.”

Oh and if you’re yet to decide on the location of your Northen Hemi ski trip this year, this little gem could not come more highly recommended.

Film:  Tristan Greszko

Skiiers: AJ Puccia, Cam Ciccone, Andrew Whiteford, James Toth and Nick Hooper

Words: J M Copeland