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We’ve all witnessed our lady friends shave undercuts into their gorgeous locks – one by one committing to this latest hairstyle phenomenon. Inspired by goth, new wave, punk, and post punk movements of the late 70′s, 80′s, and 90′s some chicks can pull it off, and others not so much.

But what hair trend is next to hit the catwalks – and filter down into the street fashion amongst us?

Lets hope some inspiration from the brilliant Japanese designer, Miss Nagi Noda, has something to do with it. This imaginative little pocket-rocket has taken millinery to the next level – ontop of her already bulging folio of weird art & quirky design projects.

Forget buying a hat, just make one out of your own hair! ‘Hair hats’ are styled into the form of various kind of animals such as a lions, rabbits & elephants – all using hand crafted hair weaves made from a moulded mesh of wire.

Her latest work is incredible and included the video for the Scissor Sisters song "She’s My Man", and the video for "Hearts On Fire" by Cut Copy. Tragically though, we will not see any further ideas from Nagi Noda as the gifted artist passed away after surgical complications from injuries sustained in a traffic accident.

Eloquently described by Sheila Stepanek fromCreativity Online (which represented Noda) as being"Beyond being a brilliant artist and wonderful talent, Nagi was one of the most incredibly unique spirits that I have known". What more is there to say exceptlets celebrate and learn from her fantastically creative mind; a world where humans wear their hair in the shapes of their favourite animals. Hats off to you Nagi Noda. x <3

Words: Beck Rocchi