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Jessica Sim has an astute eye coupled with a refined visual sense and a sensitivity to light that allow her images a dramatic, theatrical feeling whilst retaining a soft, delicate aesthetic. See more of her beautiful work on her website:



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These incredible pieces of jewellery by Mania Mania are alchemic, geological collisions of metal, stone & crystal. The works are like a lovechild resulting from a dramatic, metalurgic love triangle between Sauron, an Aztec warrior and Cleopatra (We’re waiting on the results of a DNA test to reveal the father). The organic shapes and two [...]



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I’m twenty-three years old and, before the eleventh of May, 2011, I had never been on a plane. Try to stifle those guffaws and surprised gasps, if you can. I hadn’t travelled anywhere but the recent acquisition of a Sydney-based boyfriend (ain’t I the romantic type) meant I would see a lot more of the [...]



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Fusing influences from both the East and the West, Jeffrey Wang discusses his new denim works, Persona, with T-SQUAT’s Kelly Sabba. I grew up between New York and Taiwan and, by the age of eighteen, I had decided to pursue the arts (fashion in particular), so I went to Parsons School of Design in New [...]



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Ben Hardy once got fired for having out-there ideas about product merchandising. Less than a year later, he served up a big ol’ slice of humble pie to his former boss when she needed to move stock through his new concept company, Dirty Distribution. Taking excess stock from quality surf, skate, snow and street-wear brands, [...]



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“I’d call the label more of a passion then a career; I’d rather people like my clothes then become a multi-millionaire” Jasmina Mili is the face behind one of Melbourne’s newest Independent fashion labels – Prussia. X marks the spot in Pusssia’s latest winter range, cloaked in black. Prussia’s pared-back approach to lace, velvet and blends is finely tuned to a [...]



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High end designers went hobo at this year’s Paris Fashion week with collections by Jean Paul Gautier, Versace and John Galliano getting trashy. Maybe it was the credit crunch but we’ll just tell ourselves T-Squat must have given them the inspiration. Derelicte, no? I think Chinese sensation ‘Brother Sharp’ had something to do with this [...]



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Too often we walk with our heads to the ground, unaware of the small moments or the fleeting art around us. See the babies now, hiding in alleys and doorways, populating ad infinitum, coloring the grey concrete of our urban landscape. The baby takeover is a subversion of life’s enormity. It takes the ‘getting up’ [...]



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Humans have always had an innate fascination with time. Since the dawn of man we have been gazing at the stars, fashioning sun dials and hour glasses as well as building water, quartz, atomic and mechanical clocks with whatever we could get our hands on. At T-Squat our vote for the coolest way of telling [...]



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Van Grenquist, a 22 year old Bondi bandit with a penchant for anomalous art, looks at daily items a little differently from the average punter. Perhaps due to early years spent cutting cookies, this walking piece of art (Van skates about town in some gnarly threads) is motivated to outshine normality through the process of [...]



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Visionaries of guy’s label, VANGUARD, Jono and Sam Cottee fuse nomad with niche and a hit of nautical in their latest collection, Good Morning Rucksack Wanderers. Saluting the label’s affinity with alternate sub cultures, surf, skate, fashion, grunge, new wave and hip hop, the boys’ latest string of summertime threads cues a quixotic mindset for [...]



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If you’re a Sneaker Freaker super freak, chances are you’ve already been given a sneak peek of the mag’s new online museum. Their mission? To archive every sneaker, every colour, ever made. With the kind of wide-eyed, mouth-frothing intensity you’d expect of any freak, the peeps at Sneaker Freaker have been scanning thousands of images, [...]