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Some may say our introduction of a regular segment celebrating anti-consumerist countercultures such as squatting seriously compromises any hopes in hell we may have of attracting advertising revenue. And they’d be right (just in case you are looking “hi Coke”).

So this issue’s Squatter section is brought to you by the letter C.

C is for C-Squat, one of New York’s most famous squats. To cut and paste from Wikipedia…

C(See) Squat is a squat located at 155 Avenue C in the East Village of Manhattan, New York City, in an area called Loisaida.

Journalist and author Robert Neuwirth described the situation that gave birth to many of New York’s squats, including C Squat, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, “In the 1970s, scores of landlords walked away from old tenement buildings. Many buildings slid into vacancy and rot. By the 1980s, squatters took over many of the structures in fringe areas such as Alphabet City (Avenues A to D) in the Lower East Side and in certain areas of the Bronx and Brooklyn. They had to fight to stay. The city dispossessed hundreds of squatters, sometimes mounting massive paramilitary attacks on their buildings. In the end, 12 squatter buildings survived, and they outlasted official resistance.”

The moral of the story is you can’t fight city hall. Why city hall always wins, we’ve never really been sure but what we can tell you is that C-Squat still exists and a number of punk bands still squat there. Well, technically they’re not squatting because their occupation of the space has been legalised since the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board stepped in and brokered a deal with city hall in 2002 to buy the squat for one dollar. Factoring in the increase in property values in NYC, we estimate the resale value to be approximately $1.56. Still a total bargain.

If it no longer a squat, how would you define the C-Squat exactly? Two entries appear on www.urbandictionary.com

1. C-Squat

A Squat on Avenue C and E. 9th St. in New York City’s Alphabet City. The bands Leftover Crack, INDK, Choking Victim, No Commercial Value and Banji originate from here. Punk shows and skating tournys also happen here.
“Man, i got so wasted at C-Squat last night!!”
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C-squat a squat on avenue C in new york’s lower east side where a bunch of ritch kids from other states live for free.they have all had ivy league educations and it reflects In the marxist politics and manorisms
“C-squat smells like ass”

by NLR718

If those definitions left you feeling unenlightened, check out this clip from Youtube for a look at the C-squat from the inside.