T-SQUAT is a Melbourne based online-magazine and print journal, filtering world class contemporary content from all around the globe. If you’re bored with websites that patronise your intelligence with regurgitated press releases, bombard you with millions of irrelevant ads, induce epilepsy with irritating flashing animations and pollute the internet with convoluted design principles – welcome.

We unapologetically focus on quality and are constantly sourcing the best writers, contributors and creatives we can find or who find us from around Melbourne, Australia and overseas. T-SQUAT harbours and welcomes all those with passion, energy and enthusiasm and would love to work with people who are more interested in doing stuff than sitting around talking about doing stuff. We are not in competition with anyone, and believe in everybody growing, collaborating and rising together.

Everyday our team expands as we build our networks in an ongoing effort to include and celebrate those who excel in their chosen creative fields. If you would like to develop and evolve your own creative practices and help us do the same – please get in contact with your area of interest.

Josh Lefers is our Creative Director. An eclectic live-wire of humanity, Josh rose from humble beginnings on a commune, where cucumber apples made up the majority of his diet. Overcoming his malnourished childhood he went on to become a male stripper to pay his way through university, where he took a Masters in Late Renaissance English History and, following that, studied Professional Writing & Editing.

Wearer of sharp outfits and bearer of a deep baritone voice, William Godfrey/Orson Wells/Oscar Wilde or more formally, Liam Jordan, goes by many names.Our film wordsmith and Editor of the Show section, is one distinguished character. Much like the alien in ‘The Thing’, Liam adapts himself to film genres and styles like no other, inspiring people the world over to look back in time and watch films from eras when filmmaking was colourless and still regarded as an art-form.
Emma Forster

Emma Forster is another Kiwi blow in, who has tipped the nationality scales of T-Squat, reducing the Australians to a scared, quivering minority around the office. With an established background in the world of arts and culture, her independent magazine Re>Publication, has been feeding the minds of New Zealanders for the past year, which bought the lovely lady to our attention. When she's not in the office writing about art, design and photography she's buying sweet Mickey Mouse jumpers, acid wash denim jackets and being earnest, enthusiastic and lovely.

Chris Shearer likes to play with cigarettes, books and fire. Proud celebrator of a fine moustache, his facial hair arrangement plays second fiddle in profundity only to his intellectual musings, and is the kind of the guy that compares famous literature and films at the same time; which some would argue is a pretty sexy attribute.

The Void is the creepy guy in the corner of the room, sitting in the shadows, watching you through almond shaped eyes. He is the laughter in the woods, the smile on her face and the old shoes you just won’t part with. The Void is not a single person but a reflection of you. Us. Everyone. Look into the abyss that is the Void and make it your own.

Freakishly tall and passably handsome, Shaun Crawford is one of those weirdos with a Scottish accent and an embarrassingly comprehensive collection of DVDs. He also makes “makes films n shit” and actually has real qualifications in “Coffee Art” and professional writing and blah blah. Bravely fighting through the social burden of his physical stature and genealogy, he is actually a really great writer, and writes really great reviews about really great cinema that make people want to illegally download classic films at no great expense.

You won’t find Christina Panias on babeswritingathesis.com, because that site doesn’t exist, but if it did, she would be eligible – which means she’s been to University and knows her shit. Eagle eyed editor, music journalist and thoughtful social commentator, Christina’s insights provides a much needed presence of intelligent femininity on the site – she’s not a feminist though, thank god.

Don’t tell Nick Clarke he can actually write, for god’s sake. His ego is already questionably healthy enough after basking in his own limelight for his “hit online show” Poncho TV. More ironic that Alanis Morissette eating humble pie with ten thousand knives; think Curb Your Enthusiasm with more hair and less enthusiasm. Nick’s incisive and wholly irrelevant views on the world are none-the-less entertaining to read, if you have a dictionary close at hand.poncho.tv

Nanda Ormond is not a dick. If you saw him sitting at a cafe, or walking around, or if you looked at his file if the government kept files on him, he would look like a dick. Home-schooled, hippie, vegetarian, artist, blogger, “loves the beach”, plays music, wears rings, long haired… FUCK!. Holy SHIT He sounds like POISON. But we swear, he’s not that bad. It’s not his fault he was born into a life of terrible stereotypes. At least he’s never ever tried to write poetry.KidsWithTalons

Jeremy Koadlow always has a pocketful of drink cards and knows more good looking women in Melbourne than any other straight male. Promoter, writer, observer, talker, wearer of shorts and rider of bikes, Jeremy knows night-life and restaurants inside and out, which is why he is heading up our hospitality section.

John Macliver has magic finger clicking powers. His last name also sounds a bit like Macguyver, which makes him a good person to be with if you need to escape from a sealed area that is filling with water and you only have a paper clip and chewing gum. John also makes videos. Really great ones, and has been doing so for a few years with his own she-bang called Cut & Paste.

Vigilante recluse, writer, film-maker, musician and casio-nado, Matt Cohen, has his finger on the pulse on all the things the kids said were cool two years ago. Matt’s well rounded creative repertoire and journalistic tendencies generate a variety of interesting content for T-SQUAT, and he runs his own Independent Film website - www.findie.co.

He also wears really nice sweaters.

When Conrad Bizjak isn’t hanging off bridges, falling into inner city rivers, growing outstanding beards, exhibiting artwork and painting with Melbourne’s best street-artists – he’s at T-SQUAT as our resident graphics guru.

Andy Conlan is an accomplished creative jack-of-all-trades with many feathers in his well worn ideas cap. A published writer, award winning director, actor, designer, illustrator and photographer – he is an asset to any creative team and we’re excited to have him onboard.